Garment Care for Suits

Garment Care Instructions for Suits

While we offer a huge variety of high quality uniform wears, please follow the following care instructions to get the best from the attire:


1.    Care for Suits

1.1        Washing

Do not wash the suit and make sure that no bleach is used onto the suit.

Please ensure that when necessary, only professional dry clean should be used for cleaning purposes.

Suits rarely need to be dry cleaned except in the case of large spills or prolonged use.

1.2        Drying

Do not tumble dry the suit.


It is not recommended to iron the suit. However, if needed, make sure steam and low heat setting of iron are used while ironing. Keeping the suit slightly damp will help to get rid of the wrinkles better.

1.4        General Care

After each wear, it is recommended to take a few moments to brush the suit to remove any hair or surface dirt. A suit brush (picture on the left) can be used for this purpose.


It is recommended to hang up the suit in a well ventilated area before putting it away to allow any moisture and odors to dissipate.

For general storage of the suit, please give the suit breathing space in the wardrobe, so air can constantly circulate in between.

For hanging of the jacket, do not use a thin hanger. To maintain the proper shape of the shoulder pads, a hanger with the width between 1.5” and 2” is recommended.