Size Measurement

Question 1:  How do I get my exact measurements for a suit?

You can take your exact measurements for a suit by following the steps stated below:
1) Measure your shoulder width:
Start your tape measure at the back corner of one shoulder, and then move it across behind your neck to the back corner of the other shoulder.

2) Assess your chest size:
Both of your arms should be raised before this assessment. Run the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest and underneath both your arms. After the tape measure is in place, lower your arms to record the measurement.
3) Determine how long your jacket sleeves should be:
Start the tape measure from the end corner of your shoulders and move the tape down your arms to your wrist. The most standard stopping point for the tape measure is slightly past the wrist.
4) Evaluate the length of the jacket
Start the tape measure from the base of your throat to your desired jacket length. This measurement of the suit is subjective to personal preferences; however, the recommended length is to have the end of the jacket just above the mid-thigh area.

Question 2:  How do I get my exact measurements for a suit pants?


You can take your exact measurements for a pair of suit pants by following steps below:

1) Measure your waist:
The starting point of this measurement should be slightly below your hipbone. Pull the tape measure around your waist and back to the beginning point to form a loop and then record the measurement.

2) Determine your inseam:
Please ensure that the shoes you are wearing for this measurement will be the ones or similar to the ones you would wear with the suit pants. Begin the measurement at the top of the inside part of your leg where your leg meets your groin. The tape measure should be pulled down along the inside of the leg to a point near the middle of your foot.

Question 3:  Are standard sizes offered?


Yes. We offer standard sizes. Please check the size lists for suits in our website.
Men’s Blazers:

Men’s Pants:

Men’s Shirts:

Women’s Blazers

Women’s Shirts:

Women's Suit Skirt and Pants:

Question 4:  What can be done if the provided sizes are not appropriate?


We take into consideration that the standard sizes offered might not satisfy every customer. Hence, we provide custom measurements to ensure our customers to be able to order garments that are of appropriate sizes. The standard fee for this service is HKD300 for each piece.

Question 5:  What are the measurement allowances on the final product?


The usual deviation would be within +/-0.5 to +/- 1.0 inch. This is because during the production processes of the garment items, many steps require human efforts instead of machineries. Please understand that throughout the production of garment items, certain deviations from the measurements may occur.