Question 1: Are there any discounts or promotions?


Our company offers promotions and discounts from time to time, and such information can be obtained from the staffs. If large-scale events are involved and that prices need to be discussed, you can email or call Mr. Wong at (852) 2360 1900.

Question 2: When making an order, what information should I provide for inquiry of the price?


Please provide the following information in order for our staff to decide the price accurately.

A) Garment type:

The style of the garment should be clearly stated, for example, suit, shirt or suit pants.

B) Design details:

The design should be provided in as much details as possible. Patterns, logos, color and fabric etc. should all be clearly stated. If necessary, pictures can be submitted for demonstration purposes.

C) Quantity:

Please understand that if the order quantity is too small, the production cost of each item tends to be very high. Hence, our company sets a minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity is 20 pieces in most cases; however, subjective to the fabric and style, the minimum order quantity may vary. Customers may contact our staffs for more details.

D) Size and measurements:

The different sizes can be found on our website. If the customer wishes to order based on personal measurements, there will be an additional charge of HKD 300 charge every order. If the customer has a different size requirement, the general charge is HKD100 each size.

E) Preferred delivery time:

The time it takes to produce and deliver the clothing item depends on the factory’s current working schedules. In peak seasons, it is more likely that the required time period will be longer. The customer can state when he/she prefers to receive the items; however, it is not guaranteed that it is feasible. The order price is dependent on the preferred time, hence it is essential for customers to state this when inquiring about the price.

Question 3: After inquiring about the price via email, why haven’t I had any response from the company?


We usually reply to price inquiry within 24 hours. If you did not receive replies, it might be due to the following reasons:

A) Some required information is not provided

B) An incorrect email address was given during the ordering procedure

C) Our email has been automatically placed into the junk mailbox

D) Technical problems with the email servers

*You should contact our staffs if you did not receive any response at (852) 2360 1900