Question 1:   What are the payment methods?

For most cases, 50% of the order amount is paid as deposit after the customer’s confirmation. The following are the available payment methods:
    A) Pay at iGift company Ltd in person
(Address: 11/F, Prosperity Commercial Building, 786 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon)
    B) Cheques(Please note that the heading should be “iGift Company Limited”).The customer can choose to mail the cheque to our company or deposit the cheque amount at the bank. Please email us the relevant payment proof and call us to confirm the payment. (For cheque payment methods, please allow one or two days for payment confirmation before the delivery of items.)
    C) Transfer to iGift’s bank account:
           - HangSeng Bank – iGift Company Limited
           - Bank account No.:385 743 901 883
           - SWIFT: HASE HKHH
           - BANK CODE: 24
           - TEL: 21981111
    D) Online bank transfer:
Our company’s bank account is Hang Seng Bank. If the customer transfers from a Hang Send Bank account, the amount can be received within the same day. If the customer transfers from an account other than Hang Seng Bank, then the amount can be received after two to three working days, along with a charge of HKD30 each transfer.

*Please contact the associated staffs to inform about the payment and confirm the amount in order to proceed to the production process. Otherwise if the production process is delayed, please understand that our company will not take any responsibility.

Question 2:   Can I transfer from an overseas bank?

Yes. Overseas accounts including Taiwan, Macau and Singapore etc can be used for transfer. Transaction charges or handling fees may incur during the transfer process and this amount is not included in the order price. Please make note of the handling fees or relevant charges before the transfer and make the complete payment. If our company does not receive the exact amount stated in the order, production processes may be delayed.